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The benefits of an effective management of your knowledge base

For any organization, good knowledge management is essential and directly affects the continuity of internal operations. In the context of service management, the importance of managing this impacts both your technical resources, your users, and ultimately your customers.

Management of your knowledge base

Your technicians who manage these resources issues must absolutely have access to a knowledge base, a series of known errors, or at least to clear procedures for the resolution of these issues. These interventions also need to be fast in order to ensure effective liaison with users. These users will be better equipped if they have at their disposal a bank of solutions. This type of procedure will help them become more independent in the short and long term. Another advantage is that users self-help to drive down the number of requests/queries, and facilitate user interaction. In sum, the role of your resources and your users is directly related to the management of knowledge at their disposal.


These knowledge bases’, which undoubtedly vary from one organization to another, may be subject to interpretation. To avoid any misunderstanding, the resources must have adequate access to accurate and precise knowledge, which is regularly updated. An IT Service Management tool allows to document this information optimally. A continuous sharing of data is a challenge for ITSM.

The data can then be presented as categories or subcategories, powered by a quick and comprehensive search engine. Filtration applications added to the knowledge base are then required. It will be easier to apply the updates and ensure maintenance of shared information. The implementation of processes and updated knowledge base is a major challenge for any organization wishing to make efficient management.

Key benefits

  • Sharing and transparency with users
  • Automated self-service function
  • Increased internal productivity
  • Clear and consistent customer focus
  • Facilitating the integration of new staff
  • Reduces the loss of expertise
  • And more.

Is Knowledge Management important to you and how do you optimize it?