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Optimize, improve, evolve IT support

Even if you have used your ITSM solution for some time, it doesn’t mean you can’t make room for some adjustments. In life, there’s always room for improvement because it is never too late to apply best practices.

Here are some tips for optimizing your Service Desk tool

1. Proper use of KPI and reports

We tend to create too many reports and to get numbers to get numbers, but forget to ask ourselves what data is really important for our team and our superiors. A brief report which contains only the relevant information for our customers is more valuable than a long report full of numbers that nobody cares about or isn’t useful. There is no right or wrong time to question all the statistics previously released by the company. You have to determine which are really helpful, make this a top priority and take the appropriate time to analyze everything.

Don’t forget to share with customers about these reports; improving the customer experience should be the focus of your priorities.

2. Process of continuous improvement

IT organizations that integrate the process of continuous improvement of their services in their corporate culture have a huge advantage over those who simply continue working the way they always have. Contrary to popular belief, continuous improvement does not have to be big and bulky.

You can, for example, create a process diagram on a piece of paper and list all your activities or even better, take the time to do this as a team, create the process diagram on a large board so that everyone can take part in the process. Next, examine each process activity and ask yourself a series of simple questions:

  • Is this activity really necessary?
  • Does this activity create value for your customers?
  • Can this activity be optimised?
  • Can this activity be stopped without compromising anything?

When you have adequately responded to these four questions, it would be to your advantage to either : 

A. Cease operations with no added value.

When conducting a review process, we always find activities that people perform in habit. Eliminate activities that do not create value is a great way to improve efficiency, reduce cost of operations and accelerate ITSM processes.

B. Optimize your process with new application features 

Take the opportunity to get up to date with the latest updates. Apply them to your system. It is very likely that some of these new improvements will increase the incident management and change management automation process.

3. Availability management a priority

Most companies say that they have not established a process for availability management, but if you ask the right questions you will learn that they have:

  • The cons-measures; such as network connections doubled to ensure that current hardware failures do not cause catastrophic service outages.
  • Data replication and backups to ensure that they can compensate for the loss of data or their corruptions.
  • The minutes of availability of servers and applications, sometimes even service availability reports lived by their users.

All this forms a good basis for a more formal availability management processes, which can really help to ensure the satisfaction of your customers’ expectations. Frequently, missing only the checklists and assignment of responsibility for considering all possible risks and ensure that all appropriate measures are taken.

4. Actualise your certification

Improving and deepening your knowledge and professional and personal qualifications should always be a priority. Maybe you already thought about ITIL training (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) which means a library to deepen the infrastructure of information technology and represents a set of books ITSM identifying good practices, but does have never taken the time to complete it. If you take the time to update your knowledge, you are now in full control of your means and your skills and your customers will benefit as much as you. 

Take your time, ask the right questions and focus your energy in the right places and you leave your customers and win that year. If ever you come to a dead end, remember that we are at your entire disposal to help you in this optimization.