Choosing the right service desk solutions

Choosing the right service desk solutions

Every company needs to opt for excellent service desk solutions.  Choosing the wrong solution can cause a multitude of unnecessary problems for you and your staff. Inappropriate, unsuitable software solutions generate customer dissatisfaction, leaving you with diminished sales and lower profits. In today’s commercial environment, ITIL® service desk management is a real-time provider of best-practice solutions for clients and users of all categories.

The recognized frameworks generates standards for value, excellence and problem-resolution in IT administration, development, enterprise, function, and policy.  Augmentation of services encompasses state of the art ITIL service desk management.  Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) is the practice of transforming administration of individual technology silos into a perpetual best-practice solution delivering IT-derived services that contribute to the important strategic goals of the organization.  The corporate service desk is typically the focal point of ITSM project, since the desk functions as the technological face of the organization for customer interaction, and offers as well essential IT process development solutions’ management to customers. 

ITSM solutions : creation and management

The ITIL service desk management system is well-modified by adoption of ITSM-procedures and must verify the following when seeking a solution that fits company requirements:

  • Tracking and identification – Identifying, recording and regulating customer information, including introductory communications and those that follow, sales or other transactions, and other incidents, including whatever difficulties may emerge.  Your service desk will identify problems within the system, by tracing the various and discrete phases of the transaction or issue in question.  Not only will a record of what has commenced be provided, but also a resolution scenario based on what has transpired coupled with potential management applications to bring about a mutually satisfactory and successful outcome.
  • Collaboration – Cloud computing has many uses for ITIL service desk management. Among the most prevalent :
    • Cloud service desk outsourcing generates faster results than traditional models. 
    • Process automation improves productivity through quicker resolution of client problems. 
    • Use of ITIL best practices provide adaptable infrastructure, minimizing costly, time-consuming custom scripting.
    • Flexibility of design and use for users’ specified real-time needs.
    • Less disorder caused by operational redundancy, while substantially lowering the costs of upkeep. 
    • Storage options allow you to access any information you require in moments, without fail, helping you separate unresolved issues from those already completed.  



  1. How much will the solution really cost you?
  2. How well and how fast will your team like/use the new system?
  3. How many people can you add and what other capabilities can you add?
  4. How does the cloud affect your data and security?
  5. Do you need to buy other solutions to cover additional company activities?

C2 Innovations, Inc.
At C2, ITIL service desk management administers the skill of professionals with the capacity to get to the bottom of all types of incident difficulties affecting users; they offer assistance directly or through communication with expert support-personnel, from outside the organization if necessary.  Service desk applications proceed from specialized IT-intelligence to resolve problems as they occur.  In a highly competitive field, C2 provides these services with assurance and dexterity, expanding significantly from traditional service desk performance to provide the agile, collaborative dialogue today’s IT consumers expect.

To fulfill its function, service desk software must locate and select from a diversity of solutions for appropriate problem resolution. Those seeking excellent ITIL service desk management are well-advised to visit the C2 website.  We understand your service desk issues, and can provide solutions based upon your specified requirements, offering the agility you need to remain competitive in today’s markets, helping you generate unparalleled productivity. 

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