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How C2 ITSM can fuel your organization’s growth

In a choppy economic landscape, uncovering the value of your internal assets can provide an excellent way of finding saving opportunities. The same can be said about making data-based decisions about where you spend your time and adopting a leaner, meaner approach to service delivery. 

Nowadays, IT offers tools for the whole organization. A decade ago, SysAdmins were rarely seen. 2013 saw Microsoft move Office 365 to a subscription model, which was called “a bold decision” by TechSpot. Today, we get everything through a subscription, from our media to pet food. Sysadmins are invited to the Happy Hours, and no one debates the value of SaaS for any organization. Leaders know that IT services are essential to practically every organization’s operations. That doesn’t mean IT comes to mind when discussing savings or growth! 

Often, the IT staff has essential knowledge about the type of service the organization delivers, whether internally or externally, and the wit to connect the dots. Start with a chat with IT to be successful and drive the growth to help your organization collaborate better, gain productivity, and save some of the budgets. Chances are they’ll tell you the org needs to ensure all of your IT systems, business units, and staff members are aligned towards a common goal and to look towards ITSM. An IT Service Management (ITSM) can be just what your organization needs at this stage in your growth. 

What is C2 ITSM? 

C2 ITSM is a web-based IT service management (ITSM) platform. At its core, it’s built to help you better connect, manage and even automate your processes, including project development, DevOps, IT support, asset management, process automation and customer service. It can span to support HR, marketing and more. It doesn’t stop at processes, however. An ITSM also helps you manage, organize, maintain, and dispatch your physical or virtual assets and connect your people through an online service portal that ties everything together. All that’s missing is the bow on top. Just as every organization is different and does things their way, each C2 ITSM deployment is analyzed and architected to meet your needs and built to reflect your customized processes.  

Designed for ITIL v.4 and support 

C2 ITSM offers a robust, customizable environment that’s easy to use. Use codeless configurations to adapt the platform to suit your specific needs. It’s easy to prioritize requests and manage support tickets to meet your service level agreement (SLA) requirements. 

Need help to figure out where to launch the process? We’ve got you covered: our business analysts are there to support your implementation or learn where to start on your own with our 6 ITIL v4 certified processes

ITIL is the leading IT Service Management framework in the world. Owned by Axelos, it was developed in the late 80s and rapidly became a reference, not unlike the music from the same era. In those days, ITIL was the product of a government agency based in Great Britain aimed at developing recommendations and best practices to help deliver IT services most efficiently and effectively. It was acquired by AXELOS in 2013.

C2 ITSM supports every ITIL process, including change management, service request management, incident management, problem management, configuration, and asset management. As a result, you’ll have complete control and guidance over deploying your service management. With ITIL, you get to tap into years of research and best practices without paying for the costly architect, all in a no-code environment.  

Robust Asset Management capabilities 

One of C2 ITSM’s backbone is its Asset Management capabilities. If the word CIs speaks to you, you’ll be glad to know that C2 ITSM supports and helps you manage as many config items as you wish. Not a SysAdmin? Then C2 ITSM handles any inventory or asset you need connecting with a service desk or a database. Physical or virtual, it includes a complete management solution for tracking your IT assets, including hardware and software inventories and licenses, contracts, purchase orders, and more. In addition, you can structure all of these different assets within a Configuration Management DataBase (called CMDB) that organizes and monitors every layer of your IT environment. Keeping track of your assets will ensure you never overspend on IT again and empower your staff to act quicker and more precisely when interventions or service delivery are needed.

“Almost 20% of all tickets created to IT are recurring tasks, such as contract renewals or equipment maintenance. Last year, this meant 581 recurring tasks were automatically created at the right time.”

Vincent Marcoux – IT department, City of Beloeil

Powerful business analytics

Managing your assets is one thing, but uncovering the data tied to each type is even better. C2 ITSM lets you see the key performance indicators linked to your service delivery. Reports are updated in real-time and easily shareable within a robust reporting dashboard that includes pre-built reports. Need an extra layer of data? C2’s customization can also be found in its reporting capabilities: customize reports so you can uncover insights essential to your organisation. Track your service desk efficiency by keeping your time-to-resolution report handy or keep a dashboard of available IT inventory tied to their purchase date, value, refresh cycle and IT budget. 

C2 ITSM to modernize your IT processes

Leveraging C2 ITSM as your IT Service Management platform can also mean taking a flexible approach to your services. We don’t take sides in the so-called competition between ITSM practice, the ITIL®, and Agile frameworks. C2 allows implementing all methods; ITIL® can provide your organization with a stable framework that your Agile teams can use to increase service levels and overall performance. And because IT extends throughout modern organizations, good IT service management principles can benefit all departments and teams. 

Your C2 ITSM service desk can be a central point of contact for any IT issue or other issue someone might have. Different teams, in and out of IT, won’t need to track all of the various incidents in your business separately. Instead, you’ll consolidate everything on a single platform. 

Centralizing how problems, services, and projects are tracked also breaks down the silos in your business that hamper performance. You’ll avoid the inefficiencies that can creep in when a particular team tries to maintain tight control over a service they feel they own. A central ITSM platform like C2 reinforces the idea that everyone works together for the business’s good. 

Give users an easy way to make service requests

How are your users submitting support or service requests today? Email, chat, Microsoft Form? If that’s the case, introducing an ITSM portal to your organization will probably make your external and/or internal users feel much better. C2 keeps things simple for everyone to submit requests through an intuitive service desk dashboard. 

The process isn’t done once the request is sent. Thanks to C2 ITSM, you can automate most processes tied to the tasks or requests of your portal as well as time-sucking organizational processes. It is easy to automatize approvals, notifications, transfers, and processes through the tool; no coding or tech expertise required. You’re free to customize and edit your processes independently or leverage professional services or business analysts.   

Monitor performance and improve outcomes 

When you funnel all of your service requests through a unified ITSM platform like C2, it’s easy to get all actions routed to the appropriate person as fast as possible, automatically. You also gain end-to-end monitoring and logging of the entire workflow. 

Managers can check progress in real-time or run reports to identify trends that might not have been apparent when work was siloed. In addition, you can use reports generated by C2 ITSM as part of your ITIL framework to set benchmarks, verify performance or compliance with regulatory standards, and update project schedules as tasks are resolved. 

C2 ITSM Helps Optimize, Improve, and Evolve IT Support 

C2 ITSM acts as a platform to optimize your IT and business operations. Here are some of the main benefits of using C2 ITSM. 

Reduced Costs

One of the primary benefits of using an ITSM platform like C2 ITSM is the capability to structure, visualize, and track your services through entire workflows. You can see all moving parts, associated projects, subtasks, connected inventory items, personnel, etc., attached to a request. You can then quickly identify where you can optimize your operations and workflows to reduce costs. 

Not only do you uncover spending opportunities, but C2 ITSM is also designed to be easy to adopt. There is no need for a considerable upfront investment or implementation with months of delays before you see any financial benefits. C2 ITSM’s efficient pricing structure makes it easy to find savings fast, and you have the flexibility to choose concurrent or named licenses to adjust to your team and budget. 

Organization-wide Standardization 

C2 ITSM’s tools set is designed to support ITSM processes and best practices, making it easier to build consistency and apply your defined processes seamlessly. Whether the processes sit in HR, IT, Office management, support or even people ops or finance, you can unroll every process within the same stack of tools, ensuring one way of doing things your way. Ensure you equip your internal teams to standardize and stretch the platform’s benefits and return on investment to the organization.  

Better Process Control

Not only will C2 ITSM give you control over your workflows and their integration, but it’ll also provide fine-grain control over each individual process. For example, you can adjust a small detail, like a production server configuration, and then monitor your KPIs for meaningful effects. These rapid feedback loops are also one of the main ways C2 ATOM can support Agile workflows and organization growth and productivity.

Data Visualization 

C2 ITSM makes it easy to see how your systems interconnect with a powerful and centralized CMDB. You’ll be able to quickly identify gaps or redundancies, request changes, and verify the results.  

Strong Return on Investment 

C2 ITSM is a complete suite of solutions; no extra modules are required. It is faster and easier to implement than similar tools on the market. It will save you and your team time, from data migration and training to configuring and automating.  

As you optimize more and more workflows, those savings add up, and you’ll begin to generate a more evident return on investment to discuss at the following organization all hands. More importantly, C2 ITSM ensures that every managed service is standardized, consistent, and integrated… and out of someone’s head! Build your service desk for continuity, regardless of who sits where or is on vacation.

Use C2 ITSM to Bring the Benefits of ITSM to Your Entire Organization 

C2 is service management software designed for the whole organization. We know everyone from the front office to IT to HR, swinging by marketing or finances, can benefit from the principles of good service management, so we created a codeless platform that everyone can use. 

C2 ITSM reduces the workloads of service desk staff, simplifies interdepartmental collaboration, and makes IT management a cornerstone for how your organization operates. The C2 ITSM platform can support your growth and productivity in a way that makes sense for your organization.