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4 essential elements | Effective management of citizens’ demands

For any organization, service management is a key issue. Applications are numerous and their management can sometimes be complicated. To ensure proper monitoring, some elements are required to provide the best possible service. For a municipal organization, planning is essential and allows city managers to ensure an optimal level of service to citizens.

4 essential elements for an effective management of citizens’ demands


  1. Management applications by categories
  2. Redistribution requests to the relevant teams
  3. Creating tasks and purchase orders
  4. Planning and appropriate follow-up dates

Following these four prerequisites, here are some examples in the context of municipal management.

1. Categorization of the types of applications

  • Information request
  • Watering hours
  • Hours “park/library”
  • Complaints
  • Public Works
  • Border/pothole/asphalt
  • Cup “lawn/tree/shrub”
  • Painting
  • Park maintenance/building
  • Collection “waste/recycling/carcasses”
  • Ecocentre
  • Light (replacement/installation)

2. The request is then managed by teams

  • Legal Affairs
  • Water and sewer
  • Library
  • Call center
  • Communications
  • Municipal Court
  • Environment
  • Branch
  • Finance
  • Real Property Management
  • Management of buildings and electrics
  • Material waste management
  • Registry
  • Fire
  • Computer
  • Engineering
  • Leisure-Sports and Community Life
  • Field operation
  • Parks
  • Police
  • Publications
  • Human Resources
  • Taxation
  • Planning
  • Highways

3. Creating tasks and work orders

  • Check
  • Repair of the border
  • Repair lawn
  • Asphalt repair

4. Planning and Monitoring

  • Automatic closing of the application
  • Application tracking
  • Automation and link with a new query

By following these four elements, you can better serve your citizens and thereby increase their satisfaction. Using the C2 Enterprise software, a web portal can also be configured so that citizens can send their request directly to the city.