Should the public sector establish strategic management?

Should the public sector establish strategic management?

Private enterprise has raised customer expectations of customer service. This means the public sector is under pressure to offer that same level of service but with­out higher funding or increase in staff. Strategic management in the public sector will help you raise the bar on service with­out raising the tab on taxpayers. By giv­ing you the tools to streamline your work processes you can more efficiently meet the increased service expectations while under resource constraint.

Better performance management for better public opinion

There are other demands you must meet in the public sector that may not be as imperative in private business including:

  • Gaining public trust about how tax dollars are spent.
  • Meeting higher demand with far fewer resources.
  • Making decisions using a large volume of unanalyzed data or late, inaccurate information.
  • Balancing better service with reforms, political demands, or cost-cutting measures.

Moreover, public services are expected to remain in business, re­gardless of the economic or political climate. C2 Innovations brings a wealth of experience and technology to business process engineer­ing and strategic management in the public sector. This translates into evidence-based decision making with more transparency while becoming more efficient with the resources you have.

Measuring Success

The only measure for public service success seems to be how much is spent on it. This measures nothing. A system of perfor­mance mesurement that includes outputs, outcomes, or impact of policy objectives serves to show actionable changes and opportu­nities. These measures can also uncover wastage, corruption, the strength of the rule of law, and more.

How do you establish strategic management in your organization?