COVID-19 | More united than ever to help your teams and services

COVID-19 | More united than ever to help your teams and services

This pandemic is shaking up our lives; personal habits, our economy and future plans. In this context, the priority at C2 Enterprise remains of course the health of our employees, our customers and the entire community.

It is also important to help each other to meet this challenge together and better collaborate.

For better, modern services.

This transformation is already well underway. Several companies are transforming their processes to meet the most urgent needs; operations change in response to the current challenges. Other groups had already started this process of improvement towards modern services, adapted to the needs of today. They will continue their journey.

Service management is certainly put to the test, but it is up to the teams to ensure somehow good results. Fortunately, C2 is there to support them and help you with your services.

It is clear that delivering service today takes on a whole new meaning, but with a renewed framework for the entire industry, the ITIL4 principles will bring tons of value for your next ITSM project.

Designed by local artisans, for local businesses

Designed and supported by people from here, our solutions are part of an industry that has business continuity at heart. This is why C2 Entreprise is proud to add its voice to #Technos du Québec, this movement initiated by the Quebec technology industry in the face of the crisis.

C2 ATOM software is here to stay. Here to continue supporting Quebec businesses in a future recovery.

ITSM challenges on the horizon

For those who, like us, have the chance to continue their activities at home, other challenges are on the horizon (taking remote control, managing access and alerts on critical equipment, etc.) for the management and delivery of certain internal services or requests.

Because improving services is anchored in the C2 culture, rest assured that we will be there to help and advance your processes. We also offer you resources to guide you in your operations and the management of your service center.

Efficient in telework mode

Through client projects, the C2 Entreprise team is proud to support several essential services as well as some of their operations. Our working methods have changed slightly with teleworking, which does not prevent us from collaborating remotely with even more efficiency! And a touch of creativity! Supporting evidence, we are not alone.

We are here to help

In these difficult times, all C2 members are more united than ever to help you. Our C2 ATOM specialists are available to answer your questions.

Here is the information to reach us:

By phone: 450-978-1200 or toll free at 1-866-978-1200
Via the customer portal: https://support.c2atom.com/

Good luck to all! 

The C2 team